The act of a good priest

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This noble example to his sheep he gave

That first he wrought, and afterwards he taught;

And it was from the Gospel he had caught

Those words, and would add this figure too,

That if gold rust, what then would iron do?

For if a priest be foul in whom we trust

No wonder that a common man should rust;

And shame it is to see – let priests take stock –

A shitten shepherd and a snowy flock.

The true example that a priest should give

Is one of cleanness, how the sheep should live.

He did not set his benefice to hire

And leave his sheep encumbered in the mire

Or run to London to earn easy bread

By singing masses for the wealthy dead.

Or find some Brotherhood and get enrolled.

He stayed at home and watched over his fold

So that no wolf should make the sheep miscarry.

He was a shepherd and no mercenary.

Holy and virtuous he was, but then

Never contemptuous of sinful men,

Never disdainful, never too proud or fine,

But was discreet in teaching and benign.

His business was to show a fair behaviour

And draw men thus to Heaven and their Saviour,

Unless indeed a man were obstinate;

And such, whether of high or low estate,

He put to sharp rebuke, to say the least.

I think there never was a better priest.

He sought no pomp or glory in his dealings,

No scrupulosity had spiced his feelings.

Christ and his twelve apostles and their lore

He taught, but followed it himself before.


Geoffrey  Chaucer (1341/4-1400), 1477.


Notes from the Compiler


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