Pull up the ladder Jack!

12 Apr 2022 | Mission | 0 comments

Deal not with me God as I have dealt with Man

In the prosperity which thou hast given me

Helpless in his need a careless course I ran

And now O Lord that thou hast driven me

To my last gasp, I pray for all I am not worth

Deal not with me as I have dealt on earth.


Stevie Smith (1902-71), Death-bed of a Financier.

Notes from the Compiler

'Selected Poems', Penguin Books, 1978, p. 149. Born in Hull, she had a life-long attachment to the Church of England although she was ambivalent about religion. James MacGibbon wrote: 'One could say that she did not like the God of Christian orthodoxy, but she could not disregard Him or ever quite bring herself to disbelieve in Him.' One of her best known poems is, 'Not Waving But Drowning' which can also be found in this anthology.


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