What I can say to you, my God?

25 Feb 2022 | Our Father | 0 comments

Shall I collect together all the words that praise your holy name?
Shall I give you all the names of this world, you, the unnameable?
Shall I call you, “God of my life, meaning of my existence, hallowing of my acts, my journey’s end, bitterness of my bitter hours, home of my loneliness, you my most treasured happiness?”
Shall I say; Creator, Sustainer, Pardoner, Near One, Distant One, Incomprehensible One, God both of flowers and stars, God of the gentle wind and of terrible battles, Wisdom, Power, Loyalty and truthfulness, Eternity, and Infinity, you the All-Merciful, you the Just One, you Love itself?

Karl Rahner (1904-84).

Notes from the Compiler


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