Faces of sunflowers follow the sun

28 Apr 2022 | Christ-likeness | 0 comments

Come with me

  into the field of sunflowers.

    Their faces are burnished disks,

      their dry spines


creak like ship masts,

  their green leaves,

    So heavy and many,

      fill all the day with the sticky


sugars of the sun.

  Come with me

    to visit the sunflowers,

      they are shy


but want to be friends;

  they have wonderful stories

    of when they were young-

      the important weather,


the wandering crows.

  Don’t be afraid

    to ask the questions!

      Their bright faces,


which follow the sun,

  will listen, and all

    those rows of seeds-

      each one a new life!-


hope for a deeper acquaintance;

  Each of them, though it stands

    In a crowd of many,

      like a separate universe,


is lonely, the long work

  of turning their lives

    into a celebration

      is not easy. Come


and let us talk with those modest faces,

  the simple garment of leaves,

    the coarse roots in the earth

      so uprightly burning.


Mary Oliver (1935-2019), Dream Work, 1986.



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