I Am a Child of God

25 Feb 2022 | Believers, Mission | 0 comments

When a person acquainted with the music of God appears, one who is wise both in words and deeds (Luke 7:32)… then this person will produce the sound of the music of God, since he has learned from all this how to strike the chords at the appropriate time: now the chords of the Law, now the chords of the Gospel in harmony with them, and now the chords of the Prophets. And when what is reasonable demands it, he also strikes the Apostolic chords with them, and so also the Apostolic chords with the Gospels. For this person recognizes that all Scripture is one perfect and harmonious instrument of God which raises a singe saving voice from the various different sounds for the benefit of everyone who desires to learn.

Origen (c.185-c.254), Commentary on Matthew 5:9.

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