We share our wound

12 Apr 2022 | Moral Justice | 0 comments

Less passionate, the long war throws

Its burning thorn about all men,

Caught in one grief, we share one wound,

And cry one dialect of pain.


We have forgot who fired the house,

Whose easy mischief spilt first blood;

Under one roof we lie;

The fault no longer understood.


But as our twisted arms embrace

The desert where our cities stood

Death’s family likeness in each face

Must show at last our brotherhood.


Laurie Lee (1914-1997), 2006.


Notes from the Compiler

Not irrelevant to the present conflict in the Ukraine! The Spanish Civil War was between the 'Republicans' and the 'Monarchists'. Both sides looked to foreign assistance. The Nationalists won because of the balance of foreign aid, the non-intervention of Western democracies, and the leadership of General Franco (1892-1975). 'A Moment of War' (1991) recalls Laurie Lee's experience during the Spanish Civil War.


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