God is Smart

14 Apr 2022 | Our Father | 0 comments

… God is smart.

Westerners have analysis. We have synthesis.

Westerners have a strong sense of individualism.

We have a strong sense of community.

Because Westerners have a strong sense of the value of the individual,

They are able to take personal initiatives.

It’s not so easy, when you are a community-minded person, to go against the stream….

This feel for religious and spiritual realities has made it:

Difficult for atheistic and materialist ideologies such as communism, to attract many African adherents.


Desmond Tutu (1931-2021), ‘Where is now thy God?’, Trinity Institute, East Oregon, 1989.


Notes from the Compiler

'Isn’t it wonderful that we have this Doctrine of the Trinity that speaks of God as a fellowship, a community. And so, you have this wonderful image of the community that is God, the Trinity. So that, all eternity the One who is called Father pours out all of God’s being into the Son….and the Son returning from all eternity this love and you have this movement between the two that is so tremendous that it is God the Holy Spirit.'


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