Reason, master of what I fancy

11 Apr 2022 | Glory | 0 comments

Fancy next her office holds

but know that in the soul

are many lesser faculties, that serve

reason as chief. Among these fancy next

her office holds; of all external things,

which the five watchful senses represent,

she forms imaginations, aery shapes,

which reason, joining or disjoining, frames

all what we affirm, of what deny, and call

our knowledge or opinion; then retires

into her private cell when nature rests.

Oft in her absence, mimic fancy wakes

to imitate her; but, misjoining shapes,

wild work produces oft, and most in dreams,

ill matching words and deeds long past or late….

Yet be not sad:

Evil into the mind of God or man

may come and go, so unapproved, and leave

no spot or blame behind; which gives me hope

that what in sleep thou didst abhor to dream

waking thou never wilt consent to do.


John Milton (1608-74), Paradise Lost.

Notes from the Compiler


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