Prayer: Watching and Waiting

20 Apr 2022 | Believers | 0 comments

Prayer is like watching for the

Kingfisher.  All you can do is

Be where he is likely to appear, and


Often nothing happens;

There is space, silence and


No visible sign, only the

Knowledge that he’s been there,

And may come again.

Seeing or not seeing cease to matter,

You have been prepared.

But sometimes, when you’ve almost

Stopped expecting it,

A flash of brightness

Gives encouragement.


Anne Lewin, Disclosure

Notes from the Compiler

Anne Lewin (2004) explains that prayer is frustrating like birdwatching: 'Prayer, the expression of our desire for God and our relationship with God, is not something we control, it is what we are drawn to. It is the practice of being there, ready to receive God's gift of himself, not being put off if nothing much seems to be going on, or if conditions seem to be distinctly unfavourable, but waiting, alert and expectant.'


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