A nothing person

28 Jun 2021 | Humankind | 0 comments

They do not lie; they just neglect to tell the truth.
They do not take; they simply cannot bring themselves to give.
They do not steal; they scavenge.
They will not rock the boat; but did you ever see them pull an oar?
They will not pull you down; they’ll simply let you pull them up –
and let that pull you down.
They do not hurt you; they merely will not help you.
They do not hate you; they merely do not love you.
They will not burn you; they’ll only fiddle while you burn.
They are nothing people; the sins-of-omission folk, the neither-good-nor-bad and, therefore worse….
Because the good at least keep busy trying:
And the bad try just as hard;
Both have that character that comes from
Caring, action and conviction.

Notes from the Compiler


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