No Turning Back

1 Mar 2023 | Believers | 0 comments

I have decided to follow Jesus.

Though I wander, I still will follow ;

The world behind me,

The Cross before me.

Though none go with me,

Still will I follow.

Will you decide now

To follow Jesus?

No turning back; No turning back.


Sundar Singh (Sadhu), 1889-c.1929.



Notes from the Compiler

Son of a prosperous Sikh landowner, he was converted in 1904, and baptised as an Anglican in 1905. Reacting to western standards and values, he became a solitary holy man with a concern to reach Hindus. He travelled widely in North India and Afghanistan, but had a particular burden for Tibet where he became a victim of persecution for his Christian testimony. In the 1920s he visited Europe, America and Australia before revisiting Tibet in 1929, where he disappeared without trace!


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