Our Saving Victim 

5 May 2022 | Believers | 0 comments

In making victims we are judged, until we turn to the saving Victim.

We are insistently and relentlessly, in Jerusalem, confronted… with a victim who is our victim.

When we make victims, when we embark on condemnation, exclusion, violence, the diminution or oppression of anyone,

when we set ourselves up as judges, we are exposed to judgement (as Jesus himself asserts in Matthew 7.1-2),

and we turn away from salvation.

To hear the good news of salvation, to be converted, is to turn back to the condemned and rejected, acknowledging that there is hope nowhere else.


Rowan Williams (1950 – ), Resurrection, 1982.

Notes from the Compiler

Elected as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, after ten years Rowan Williams stepped down but has continued to teach and write in retirement. He asks, 'What are the essential elements of the Christian life? I am not thinking in terms of individuals leading wonderful live, but just in terms of those simple and recognizable things that make you realize that you are part of a Christian community....'


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