He shall win all again

5 May 2022 | Jesus Christ | 0 comments

What hath man done that man shall not undo,

Since God to him is grown so near akin?

Did his foe slay him? He shall slay his foe.

Hath he lost all? He all again shall win.

Is sin his master? He shall master sin….


He is a path if any be misled;

He is a robe, if any naked be;

If any chance to hunger, he is bread;

If any be a bondman, he is free;

If any be but weak, how strong is he –

To dead men life he is, to sick men health,

To blind men sight, and to the needy wealth:

A pleasure without loss, a treasure without stealth.


Who can forget, never to be forgot?

Never such age so young, never a child so old.


Giles Fletcher (1586-1623).


Notes from the Compiler


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