Harvest Thanks Giving

6 Sep 2023 | Our Father | 0 comments

Thanks be to God for the food on the table;

Thank you, our daily cry.

Food for today and with more for tomorrow,

All of our needs supplied.


Crops from the field, fruit from the tree,

Vegetables from the ground;

Food from the earth, fish from the sea,

Plenty to go around.


Thanks be to God for all we enjoy

All that is on our plate;

Enough for today and with more for tomorrow,

Harvest we celebrate.


Beautiful world, gift to us all,

Teach us, O Lord, to care;

Plentiful world, enough for us all,

Teach us, O Lord, to share.


Thanks be to God for this world where we live,

Thank you for time and place;

Thank you for life and each day that you give,

Thank you for boundless grace.


Peter Reiss (1962- ), Tune; ‘Skye boat song’


Notes from the Compiler

The author writes: ' The "Skye Boat Song" has quite a lilting tune yet an inner sadness which I think allows for the hymn to be thankful but also aware of the needs around, or at least that things are not as they should be.' Christian sentiments set to familiar tunes also help me, the compiler, to reflect in a new way on old and traditional truths. The more usual lyrics often float over my head, heart and willingness to respond to the deep challenge they convey; in this case, 'Teach us, O Lord to share'.


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