Christmas Check Out

23 Nov 2023 | Jesus Christ | 2 comments

“I’m not looking forward to Christmas,”


The lass on the store check-out cries,

Pinging the goods on the rumbling belt –

The bread, and the wine, and the pies.

I watch, as I stand in the fidgety queue

As the lassie enlightens us all.


“The fuss and the noise, and the ruddy expense!

These prices go up! Never fall!”

Just to make her opinion quite clear:

“No! I’m not looking forward to Christmas!

It’s a horrible time of the year!”


I stand in a pool of reflection

In the queue on a cold winter’s day,

Grieving for stars, and for shepherds

And the wise men, still seeking the way

To the long-promised forecast of healing and hope:


A Bethlehem Bringer of peace,

Someone to herald a time when the conflicts

And jagged discrepancies cease,

Who, despite all the clatter and razzamatazz…

Is burning bright with Emmanuel’s light:


For her. For you. For me.


Jenny de Robeck, The Check-Out Girl.

Notes from the Compiler

Jenny was a member of our congregation when we were together in Chester le Street (1978-87). In the Forward to 'Light Levels' (2019), a collection of her poems, prayers and meditations, Jenny's friend Lucie Lunn wrote: 'So often we are drawn into dualistic thinking; what is right or wrong, light or dark. In Christ we find a guiding way between.' In this poem for Christmas 2023, Jenny finds herself in the queue in the supermarket. Unlike the check-out lassie, she does not think of Christmas as 'a horrible time of year.' With the wise ones, she searches for the promised One who is 'burning bright with Emmanuel's light.' And the apostle John tells us,' In him was life, and the life was the light of all people' (John 1:4).


  1. She reflects the feelings of many. This type of conversation gives us a chink of light to let Jesus in.
    Thank you for sharing & helping me to get in the right head-space before I go shopping.

    P.S. I love your website Ian!

  2. I love this!
    She expresses beautifully sentiments I have often shared.


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