God is a Surprise

20 Feb 2023 | Our Father | 0 comments

What is belief? A recognition?

Who knows of what? If any say

He knows, he lies.

Who knows what never was begun

And will not end? God is a way,

And a surprise.


And in that way we cannot choose,

For choice deceives us, as it must.

We live in sense,

Certain at least that we shall lose

That urgency, for we are dust….


C.H. Sisson (1914-2003), Companion  of Honour, Steps to the Temple

Notes from the Compiler

'A C.H. Sisson Reader', Ed. Charlie Louth and Patrick McGuiness, Manchester, Carcanet, 2012. The poet was a traditional Anglican and a conservative Tory. He expressed a view of the Civil Service in which he served with distinction, and criticised sharply in an epitaph; 'Here lies a civil servant. He was civil / To everyone, and a servant of the devil.'


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