Sing Hosanna

26 May 2023 | Holy Spirit | 0 comments


            Holy Spirit, New-Life Giver,

            Rushing wind, and gentle inner flame,

            Come, inspire us, strengthen, fire us,

            to the glory of your name.


Find the riches of Christ in the stranger

In the poor and those without worth.

God has chosen the weak and the worthless

As a challenge to the powers of earth.

           Holy Spirit, New-Life Giver,


Share the treasures of Christ with your neighbours,

With your friends and with family.

Let your life be a witness to Jesus;

May the church reflect God’s harmony.

            Holy Spirit, New-Life Giver,  ..


Join with others to work hard for justice

For the world, for the poor, for peace.

With his Spirit, we’ll work for the Kingdom;

May our efforts and our prayers not cease.

            Holy Spirit, New-Life Giver,  ..


Fill the world with the beauty of God’s love;

Let the waters of life flow strong.

Merge your words with your deeds and with others,

Let the world rejoice to hear our song.

            Holy Spirit, New-Life Giver,  ..


Peter Reiss (1962-2024). Tune:  Sing Hosanna


Notes from the Compiler

The author writes: 'I enjoy the tune "Sing Hosanna" but find the normal words rather basic and repetitive, and thought I would write write a Pentecost themed song which had more substance. Pentecost and social justice should be joined. God's Spirit empowers Christian living and witness.' The original hymn, by an unknown author, was based on Jesus' parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1). People remember the first line, 'Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning....' They may not know that the popular melody has featured in football chants, as with Glasgow Rangers supporters!


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