Ordinary God

25 Feb 2022 | Our Father | 0 comments

‘Do you believe in a God
who can change the course of events
on earth?’
‘No, just the ordinary one.’
A laugh,
But not so stupid: events
He does not, it seems, determine
for the most part. Whether He could
is not to the point; it is not
stupid to believe in
a God who abjures.

The ordinary kind
of God is what one believes in
so implicitly that
it is only with blushes or
bravado one can declare,
‘ I believe’; caught as one is
in the ambush of personal history, so
harried, so distraught.

The ordinary kind
of undeceived believer
expects no prompt reward
from an ultimately faithful
but meanwhile preoccupied landlord.

Donald Davie (1922-95), 2002.

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