No Eulogy Please!

2 Feb 2023 | Glory, Personal | 0 comments

There was something defiant about his funeral,

as if he had decided from the start

to resist the eulogy….


The eulogy would be merely what he did

in the waiting room: life’s see-sawing

of one foot onto the other, which is

nothing, in comparison to the light

so bright we can only see it

through the negative. That is the light

that brooks no eulogy.


The outer life is burnt or buried on a particular date,

but flies away from there, to become something

suddenly other. No one I know  has been so firm on that.


David Scott (1947-2022), Canon Fenton, Theologian.

Notes from the Compiler

'Beyond the Drift', Hexham, Bloodaxe, 2014. John Fenton (1921-2008) was a New Testament scholar I knew, not well. He was Principal of S. Chad's College, Durham, in the early 1970s. Former Archbishop Rowan Williams writes (2022): 'He would be hard to classify as either a liberal or a conservative in any conventional way, as he defended some radical views on various issues of Biblical interpretation, yet held passionately to a profoundly orthodox view of God's freedom and the human need of grace.


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